LL & Co. is made up of individuals who have built careers based on trust and talent. Collectively, we are products of top agencies, Fortune 500s, nationally recognized events, top master's programs and high standards.

Emily SneYd

Client Strategist

If there was a professional term for “the glue,” it would be Emily. She bonds us together -- with each other, with our clients. She has the perfect combination of ingenuity, grit and patience to make things get done on time and on budget. She’s a talented writer and shrewd editor. It’s common knowledge that Emily’s favorite color is purple. But her purple passion doesn’t come close to her husband, young son and the cutest dog ever. 

Colleen stewart

laura lee holmbo


As the first associate of the company, Colleen represents a significant piece of our foundation. She has a knack for adding creative flair with managing our clients' strategic planning. Her strengths include food, drink and lifestyle writing, photography, and food styling. She is also a talented, self-taught cook. 

Client Strategist

Our core team includes:

Laura Lee has built her career by providing the vision behind a range of high-profile campaigns for clients in the food-and-beverage, financial services, healthcare and entertainment categories. She takes pride in concocting ideas for clients that are smart, innovative and measurable. Laura Lee attributes her keen negotiation, management and short-order cooking skills to her children. 

LL & Co. - Marketing strategy and brand management that deliver category leadership for our clients.  

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Located in the hudson Valley Our Client work ranges from ongoing BRAND MANAGEMENT, marketing strategy, social media management, event production.